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Posted on 02-22-2017

Headache and Migraine Treatment in Queens

Headaches and migraines are common occurrences among people of all ages. The Migraine Research Foundation states migraines are actually the third most prevalent ailment in the world with 38 million men, women and children throughout the U.S. experiencing them. One billion people worldwide suffer from migraines, which is the equivalent of 12 percent of the population. While NSAIDs, narcotics, ergots and triptans work to keep the symptoms of migraines and headaches at bay, a chiropractor has the potential to give the patient a long-term, natural solution for certain causes of headaches and migraines.  

One of the most common chiropractic treatments in Queens, NY for treating migraines is a chiropractic adjustment. During an adjustment, a chiropractor evaluates the patient's particular case to determine the best course of action. In a majority of cases, the chiropractor will manipulate the two upper cervical vertebrae along with the junction between the cervical and thoracic spine. However, the chiropractor's focus centers around correcting the neuromusculoskeletal sources of headaches and migraines, which may stem from the nerves, muscles or bones. Basically, the chiropractor determines the cause of the headaches or migraines, which may be misaligned vertebrae in the spine that are putting tension on the neck. Keep in mind, poor posture is actually a source of headaches, which the chiropractor can treat using exercises. The chiropractor may provide a treatment known as soft tissue therapy for headaches and migraines, which consists of trigger point stimulation and myofascial release to promote relaxation and relieve tension. The chiropractor also makes suggestions such as changing the patient's diet or lifestyle behaviors that may be contributing to the headaches or migraines. 

In some cases, alignments and other similar treatments might not be enough to treat the root of the problem. Some patients require treatment from a primary care physician or specialist who can prescribe medications along with the chiropractor's care.

 A person must realize that it's possible to see some results from the chiropractor's treatment during the first session; however, most patients require multiple treatments over the course of weeks to truly see results. 

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