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Posted on 03-15-2018

Types of Muscle-Skeletal Issues and Treatments in Queens NY

Your muscle-skeletal system helps ensure that you are able to move your joints around smoothly with no discomfort. Problems with this system can affect your range of motion and your ability to bend, turn and do other movements. At Dr. Lee’s Spine Center in Queens, NY, our chiropractor offers effective care for a number of muscle-skeletal issues.

queens, NY chiropractor explaining muscle-skeletal issues to a patient

Common Types of Skeletal Issues

There are several kinds of problems that can affect the skeletal system. Some of the more common types include sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations. Sprains occur when a ligament becomes torn or damaged. Strains happen when muscles or tendons are pushed beyond their limits and end up with damage. Fractures and dislocations occur when bones either break or move out of place.

Causes of Skeletal Issues

You can develop muscle-skeletal problems from many different causes. Overusing certain joints, doing repetitive motions or suffering from a traumatic injury can all lead to these issues. You might also develop muscle-skeletal issues gradually over a number of years due to wear and tear. When these issues are left untreated, they can end up turning into sources of chronic pain. This pain can affect your normal routine and create problems for you when it comes to doing certain activities. 

Chiropractic Care for Muscle-Skeletal Issues

Chiropractic care for these issues involves adjusting the spine in order to make sure that it is properly aligned. A spine that is in the right alignment can promote healing while reducing the risk of having chronic pain occur. Chiropractic adjustments can also help by alleviating pressure on nerves in the surrounding area, leading to pain relief. These adjustments allow nutrients to reach damaged muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue so that they can heal properly.  

Contact Our Chiropractor in Queens

If you have any muscle-skeletal issues that cause chronic pain or other problems, please contact Dr. Lee’s Spine Center to set up an appointment. Our chiropractor in Queens provides quality care that includes spinal adjustments to help ease the persistent pain. We look forward to helping you recover.

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