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Posted on 05-15-2018

Yard Work & Gardening Tips from our Chiropractor in Queens

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. The weather is improving, the chill of winter has passed, and trees and plants keep getting greener. It’s also a time for those with a green thumb to get back into gardening and yard work.

Man suffering from back pain doing yard work

However, as pleasant as these activities can be, there are also some physical risks inherent. There are hazards to the back, neck, spine, and joints if proper form and precautions are not followed. Muscle pain can also take the fun out of gardening. The following are some tips from our Queens chiropractor at Dr. Lee's Spine Center to stay safe, healthy and happy while doing yard work this spring:

Stretch and Warm Up

It’s important to ensure your muscles and joints are limber, warmed up and prepared for the physical elements of these outdoor activities. Take time to stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves before your gardening session. Stretch the back, shoulders, neck, and arms as well, and make sure your joints are loose and limber. Your body will thank you!

Use Proper Form

Proper physical form during gardening and yard work is also key to staying safe and healthy. Never lift items or perform tasks like weeding or planting by bending at the waist. Instead, always bend at the knees and keep the spine as straight as possible. Remember also to ensure your joints track straight while doing yard work; try not to twist or perform tasks while off balance or at an angle.

Regulate Body Temperature and Stay Hydrated

Lastly, be mindful of the weather and your sun exposure. Take breaks in the shade or indoors as needed. Wear a sun hat and loose clothing that protects you from the sun at peak times. Drink plenty of water and don’t overdo it.

Contact our Queens Chiropractor for Injury Relief

Following these precautions can help you to stay safe and healthy during the spring and summer gardening seasons. However, if you do experience muscle pain or a back or joint injury, make an appointment with your Queens chiropractic clinic, Dr. Lee's Spine Center. Our chiropractor, Dr. Lee, uses safe, effective, drug-free chiropractic treatments including spinal manipulation and manual adjustment for pain relief and expedited healing.

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